How many of you have had near death experiences and still take your life for granted?

I remember my first job was when I was in grade 5 picking up garbage for the Boys and Girls Club. Since that job, I worked in several customer service and retail jobs. I had some pretty shitty bosses. I had a boss that would just make assumptions and yell at me for something I did not even do. However, there was one that stuck out the most. I hated her guts. I was in grade 11 and had already been working at this job for two going on three years. This boss would yell and smack my hand when processing a customer’s order. I remember my customer’s face shocked at what they just witnessed and would mouth I feel so sorry for you. She was a manager who abused her authority by having power trips and tried to make her employees feel small by fear, intimidation, bullying, and making disrespectful and demeaning comments. As much as my co-workers were scared of her, no one wanted to do anything. They would just complain to me about our boss. I took it upon myself to gather the employees in the back room and called her supervisor on the speaker. My boss was not working that day. Our other supervisor supported our decision because they disliked her just as much as we did. We voiced our concerns with her supervisor regarding all the verbal and physical abuse we were experiencing. Somehow she found out that I organized that meeting, and she laid me off saying there was no work. She did not have just cause. I did not fight it, and I did not care that I was let go. I was relieved that I did not have to work with that crazy bitch anymore. It’s funny how karma works though. Two months after she laid me off, she got fired because of her actions and continued complaints.

I vowed to myself that I never wanted other people to be treated the way I was. I wanted to ensure that one day I could help make a better work environment for others. I decided I could get into Human Resources, and it was my dream to work with the Provincial Government.

It’s February 2007, and I just completed my second degree from the University of Manitoba. A Bachelor of Commerce with Honours with a double major in Human Resource & Industrial Relations and Marketing.

During that week, I noticed that the University had a career fair. I went in and noticed that there was a Provincial Government booth. That booth was the only place I submitted by resume too. A couple of days later I got a call from the Provincial Government. The next week I had an interview and on February 26, 2007 is when I started my Job in Human Resource as an Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator.

Eight days into the job I had to travel to Brandon, Manitoba with my co-workers to attend a career fair. It was exciting for me because I just recently attended a career fair as a job seeker and now as an exhibitor advertising jobs on behalf of the Province.

On the way home, at a stoplight my co-workers were admiring the new developments. All of a sudden, a van going 60 miles an hour hits us from behind and pushes the car right through the intersection. It all happened so fast; I was sitting in the back, and I realized that my co-worker and I were not wearing any seat belts. I remember being pulled out of the window because our doors were crushed. We were all placed on a wooden stretcher and neck braces. All of us has to be rushed to the hospital and were in the wood stretcher for several hours. They had these machines circling our bodies to determine any internal injuries or broken bones. Once the doctors had completed their assessment, they were surprised that we only had minor injuries such as sprains, whiplashes, and horrible headaches. It was truly a miracle. We were released and had to get a rental car to retrieve our items from the car. On the way to the car compound, we somehow ended up in a ditch and had to get towed out. It felt like a series of unfortunate events one after the other. We finally arrived at the car compound. I was shocked because the whole trunk was smashed in, and I don’t know how my co-workers and I survived. We should have been crushed. It took us approximately 18 hours to get home to Winnipeg that day. I believe my guardian angel saved me and my co-workers. With a couple of hours of sleep. I still went into work in the morning looking like hell with an excruciating headache. Once they found out what happened, they were surprised that I came into work at all. I was sent home right away and had to go see a physiotherapist for several months to deal with my lumbar sprain and pills for my headaches.

For a while after that accident, I always relived and had a fear that someone would smash into me whenever a car pulled up close behind me. Luckily that fear eventually went away.

Looking back at this second near death experience, I would say that I think I was happy I survived. I did not have any new awakenings and was something that just happened and that I got over quickly. It’s crazy because most people don’t even get a first chance at life, and here I am with a second chance and I still don’t value my existence to the extent that I should.