I went to pick up my niece with my sister and sister-in-law the other day. As I was standing outside her classroom, I noticed she had a picture on the corkboard. It was a black and white photo of my niece with some text, and it said, “The best part of me – My eyes are big and brown, and I like my eyes. They are beautiful and nice to see my mom and dad with my eyes. I see my dog with my eyes.” It touched me and got me very emotional. I love my niece so much. She is creative artistically and musically. I watch her and my nephew play, and they are carefree, worry free, creative, and love to just have fun. And it got me thinking about how when we get older and become adults we lose that sense of creativity and the ability to be carefree. We start thinking inside the box rather than out. We start to think it is silly to have fun and that we need to be serious all the time, which is bunch of malarkey. We are that person as a child we said we would never become.

I believe children are so intelligent and creative, and I learn something new from my niece and nephew all the time. Albert Einstein, says, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” I believe children embody that 100%.

I am a kid at heart and do silly things and don’t care if people think I am foolish or immature. I tap into my inner child, which allows me to delve into my imagination and become even more creative.

Our time on this earth is finite so do not take yourself and this life too seriously. Tap into your inner child, be silly, have fun, and be creative.

Much Love,