“Life is like photography. We develop from the negatives.”

This quote is true to an extent. I believe we can develop from the negatives if we decide to do two things. First, to become a victor rather than a victim of our circumstance and second, to see that negative experiences as something you can learn and grow from.

When negative things happen in our lives like the shit hit the fan-type stuff, it is easy to become a victim of your circumstance. You can’t seem to think clearly and get caught up in all the bullshit. And then before you know it, the self-sabotage and pity parties kick in. What you will notice is that misery loves company, and you will always find someone who will console you and validate that you are a victim and join the pity party. You start asking yourself the following questions:

Why me God?

Why am I being punished?

Why does this always have to happen to me?

Can’t I get a break?

Why can’t my life be easier?

I’ve asked myself these same questions. But you know what? Ask stupid questions and you’ll get stupid answers.

I had a mental shift when I started my personal development journey approximately six years ago. My coaches and mentors had been through horrific, difficult, and very negative experiences throughout their lives. And the common theme among them, are that they decided to be a victor rather than a victim of their circumstance. And that they all understand that their experiences of hardship, failure, and fear have helped shape them into the successful people they are today. They have developed from their negatives.

We need to realize that we are much stronger than we think. The soul gives us resilience because we constantly have to rebound from hardship. Jim Rohn states, “Don’t wish that your life was easier, just wish you were better.” So instead of asking that your life was easier, ask that life provide you with the experiences, knowledge, skills, and ability to handle any hardship or difficulties. Trust that the experience is moulding you into the amazing and successful person you were meant to be. They say that diamonds are created by extreme amounts of pressure exerted on to them. Know that theses negative experiences will pressure you into that diamond. It is now time for you to shine.