I don’t think social media is social, and that’s my opinion. I am a bit old fashion, and I enjoy face-to-face communication in person and would rather speak on the phone rather than on text or email.

People have many friends on facebook but how many of them do they interact with in person? How many people still feel lonely despite all the friends they have on facebook?

To me, being social is having live interaction with other people, whom you have conversations with, be it one-on-one, in a small or large gathering.

Too often, I see people with their heads down looking at their smartphone most likely on social media and not bothering to look up and acknowledge the people around them. I don’t think I am the only one who notices a group of people out for dinner, and all of them are on their smartphones (on social media) rather than engaging in a conversation with the people who are right in from of their faces.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe social media serves many good purposes for companies, businesses, long-distance communication through skype or facetime, and getting your message out there to a large audience. I just think that people become too consumed, controlled, and addicted to their smartphones and social media and miss out on real live interactions they can be having with others.

I am hardly stuck to my phone and reduce the number of times I’m on social media. I may even leave my smartphone at home when going out. I do this so that I can be present in the moment and ensure that whoever I am with is given my full and undivided attention. I can be without my phone and social media for days while others might feel like the world is over without their smartphone and social media.

I think it’s important to take time each day to unplug and detach yourselves from your smartphone and social media. Use that time to spend time with your loved ones in person or just take some quiet time for yourself. Never take for granted the time you think you may have with people because there are never any guarantees in what tomorrow holds.