“Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” Les Brown

When it comes to goal setting, we need to think big, do big, and act big. So when setting your goals make sure you set them 100 times larger than what you had initially written down. So even if you fail to reach that target, you will still have reached a goal much higher than what you had originally planned. So with this perspective, you can see how setting small goals can cause grief, pain, and feelings of failure. When you set a small goal, and you fail to reach even that small goal you feel diminished, and it may deter you from ever trying again. So save yourself this pain. Another thing I would like to point out regarding your goals is to ensure the goals you are setting for yourself are stretching you to a new level, something that you have never done before. For example, a small goal would be that you would like to improve your speaking skills. A 100 times larger goal would be, that you would like to become a world-renowned speaker and public figure. By choosing the latter goal, even if you fail to reach that target, it will cause you to stretch yourself further. So instead of just reaching for the small goal of improving your speaking skill, your larger goal may lead you to speaking engagement or possibly conducting your own workshops. So choose to think big, do big, and act big with your goals. As Donald Trump would say, “Think big and kick ass.”