Allow yourself to yield, and

        you can stay centered.

Allow yourself to bend, and

        you will stay straight.

Allow yourself to be empty, and

        you’ll get filled up.

Allow yourself to be exhausted, and

        you will be renewed.

Having little, you can receive much.

Having much, you’ll just become confused.

Therefore the sage embraces the oneness

        and becomes a pattern for the whole world.

She doesn’t display herself,

        she become illuminated.

She doesn’t justify herself,

        so she becomes distinguished.

She doesn’t boast,

        so she is recognized.

She doesn’t claim credit,

        so she advances and endures.

She doesn’t contend,

        so no one can contend with her.

“Yield and you can stay centered” –

Is this saying meaningless?

Stay whole, and all things will return to you.