“This above all; to thine ownself be true.” William Shakespeare.

What does to thine ownself be true? It means to be true to ourselves by being authentic. It does not mean that you try to become someone else or act a certain way because you feel that is the only way to be liked and accepted by others. We get so caught up by wanting to be liked that we wear a mask and play the role of the great pretender. We fear that the real self is not good enough. But the more we pretend to be someone else, the more we diminish our souls. Sooner or later you may slip, and people will start to smell your funk and realize that not only are you fake but insincere. It’s a losing game. There is an awesome quote that I came by that says, Confidence is not “will they like me?” it’s “I’m fine if they don’t.” If people can’t accept you for who you are, your authentic true self, I say fuck them. You may need to find a new circle of friends, friends who will accept you and all your quirks. Remember you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and you have to be okay with that. If your authentic self is someone who acts with honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion and you not out to hurt or kill anybody, then I don’t see anything wrong with being your true authentic self. If you find that your true authentic self is someone who is a snake, backstabber, continually gossiping, and a compulsive liar then you may need to check yourself and explore the reasons why. You may find out that you have had unresolved issues that you never dealt with from your past experiences as a child, teen, or adult. And it could also be true that your are unhappy and miserable with yourself, and the only thing that makes you feel good is to hurt someone else by tearing them down. This is not a good road to travel because you will find that you will soon be travelling that road alone. When you throw shade at others, you are only hurting yourself. What you put out in the universe will come back to you. So harboring all this negative thought and negative actions will continue the vicious cycle that cause you to attract more things to be negative in your life. Stop the vicious cycle and know that it starts with you. Not saying is going to be easy to change, a lot of people resist change because they are too comfortable how things are. But if you are sick and tired of this shit then change. It will take consistent hard work, and you can’t expect to change overnight for your habits that have been in existence for years. Be patient, it will happen. Being a negative, spiteful person who only want to do harm to others along with not being your true authentic self is exhausting. Free yourself and break the shackles. Be your true authentic self, one that is of love, kindness, and compassion and you will find that this above all is what the underlying meaning of William Shakespeare’s quote.